1. Each participant must register under his or her school's name and select the correct grade.
  2. Five hundred points are awarded for each correct answer.
  3. One point is subtracted for each second it takes to complete a question.
  4. Each grade at a school earns a team score. A school's team score is calculated by adding the top 20 scores of students who take both the Pre- and Post-Quiz.
  5. The school with the highest team score each month wins the NSU-SOS trophy and a visit from the FBI (when possible).
  6. No NSU-SOS participant may obtain help from others while taking the Pre- and Post-Quizzes. (For example, teachers, friends or parents may not help answer quiz questions.)

Keep in mind....

  • Anyone suspected of cheating will be disqualified.
  • NSU-SOS administrators are not responsible for any technical issues.
  • Each person should register only one time.